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Quality Development

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Qualified staff for innovative products

The overcapacity of steel production on the world markets has shifted the
consumer attention towards higher quality standards. AFERPI considers
quality one of the key factors to be competitive on the market. The
constant search for quality excellence is imposed by the need to be ready
to face the more stressing business and technology challenges, in high
specialized niches of the market. AFERPI products are constantly monitored and guaranteed by our certified laboratories. Experienced and skilled staff performs constant checks on steel mechanical and chemical properties and its internal purity. AFERPI qualified personnel is constantly trained to ensure upgrading and maintenance of the knowledge required to perform these activities. Thanks to the new investments in research and development AFERPI is able to improve the reliability, life and safety of its products. The quality and services offered to customers is guaranteed by a scrupulous “Quality Assurance System”, which starts from the project stage to the “after-sales” service. This attention to quality guides us in every step of AFERPI manufacturing operations.

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