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Thanks to this know -how and to a combination of competent human resources and an innovative engineering ability, today AFERPI is able to fulfil the requests of the most demanding customers in the field of Railway products, Wire Rod and Bars.


  • Steel Industry steelworking

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  • Earth-moving equipment

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Rails and railway products

Max lenght: from 27 Kg/m to 75 Kg/m - 108 m unwelded for conventional and high speed lines.

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In the railway sector AFERPI is the only Italian producer of rails up to 108 meters unwelded.
The rails and railway equipment produced at Piombino have been used by the Italian State Railway for the construction of the whole Italian network since 1909. The continuous modernization of the Piombino production line of rails has allowed the company to reach a leadership position on an international level and to become one of the most important business partners for the delivery of rails and railway equipment.
Aferpi also produces Check rail and tongue bars.

Wire Rods

Internal diameter: 830-1000 mm External diameter: 1100-1250 mm Max. coil weight: 1800-2000 Kg Diameters: 5.5 - 17 mm

The production ranges from extra low-carbon steels to wire rods for heavy galvanizing with guaranteed silicon content. The different qualities are identified by tensile strength values (N/mm2) and drawing values (reduction of area percentage).

Applications: Nails, Bright wire incl. for chromium plating, Galvanizing Wire, Wire Gauze, Metal straps and cold rolled special profiles.

The high degree of internal purity of the steel and the inherent ductility conferred by Stelmor treatment are factors that satisfy the most demanding requirements of wire manufacturer. In particular the grades are suitable for wire ropes and strands.

Applications: PC Strands, Strands, Lifting ropes, High-carbon mechanical springs, Sitting and Bedding springs, Steel metal straps, Springs for agricultural machines.

The grades proposed are the result of considerable feed-back from the fastern industry with its highly demanding requirements. The wire rod produced in Piombino Plant is suitable for the production of high deforming ratio parts due to its excellent structural homogeneity, low residual level and marked cold formability.

Applications: Extra low-carbon steels for production of low strength parts, Boron and non-boron steels for screws/self tapping screws, Steels for production of high and ultra high strength nuts and bolts.

The main features of this product are low level of residual elements and high homogeneity of chemical analysis. These properties allow a high drawing of the wire rod and make the end-product particularly suitable for automatic and semi- automatic welding processes.

Applications: Electrodes, Wire for gas-shielded arc welding, Wire for submerged arc welding.

Hot Rolled Bars

Range: 35-125 mm Round and 40-100 mm Square

Micro-alloyed steels are created by using small additions of Vanadium, Niobium, Titanium or a combination of the three, instead of Ni, Cr and Mo. During cooling the micro-alloying elements form nitrides, carbides and/or carbonitrides. This treatment increases the strength of the material. An advantage of these steels is that required mechanical properties can be reached without heat treatment. The development of this product is a typical example of cooperation between steel producers and final end users.

Applications: Wheel hubs for industrial vehicles and automotive, Vehicle suspension systems, Hub carrier, Stub-axle.

These steels are usually subjected to a surface hardening process which consists of a case–hardening and temper and are destined to the production of mechanical parts for which it is necessary to increase their surface hardness but leaving a ductile core. This combination of properties is very useful for applications as gears, since it develops an high-impact resistance.

Applications: Vehicle transmission gears, Bevel gears, Mechanical educers for lifts, Wind turbine transmissions.

Boron steels use small additions of boron to increase their hardenability. This process gives steel higher hardness. With this small addition, other elements such as Cr, Ni and Mo can be decreased or eliminated from the steel, making it less expensive without compromising its properties.
These steels are suited for heavy machinery, construction, agriculture, mining and other industries.

Applications: Tractor wheels, Wheel chains, Caterpillar tractors, Components for earthmoving vehicles, Wheel axles, Hitch.

This group includes those steels which are used for the production, after a suitable quenching and tempering treatment of mechanical parts where they are subjected to particular service stresses.
The steel used for the manufacture of this parts can be resulphurized for higher machinability.

Applications: Gear wheels, Crankshafts, Connecting rods for pistons, Universal joints, Cardan shafts, Drag links, Axels shafts.

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